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Welcome to the Jegoods – Jepara Goods Woodworking Studio

Ridwan Sunaryo as second generation and furniture designer launched the artisan furniture brand, The Jegoods in 2012. The brand is based on family industry of Jepara Goods woodworking studio, where unique carving and minimalist designed pieces are crafted by hand from fine materials. Originally founded in 1970’s by Mr. Sunaryo as a small furniture home industry that specialized in carving furniture and wood craftsmanship.

“I started and completely rebuilt the Jegoods in 2012 after years its collapse in 90’s. I am making furniture for made-to-order business. And i think i can do more than that with my own two hands, it makes me happy to think i design and produce products that are made with care, and that are affordable. Great design and great craft are paramount, but so is ensuring fair value for customers.” – Ridwan Sunaryo.

Now, slow but sure we provide you many items as like of indoor carving, minimalist contemporary and retro furniture with the collection of Indonesia wooden furniture by competitive price, high quality and we serve by good delivery. We are not big furniture manufacturer, but we are just a group of craftsman that really make furniture with care and heart. As a group of craftsman, we are capable to produce custom furniture designs according to customers need.  Jepara Goods Woodworking Studio Furniture Designer Indonesia

Despite our high-quality wood, we strive to offer you the lowest possible prices on our indoor furniture as well as on all the other items we offer. We are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. You will find high quality pieces at very competitive prices, with unparalleled customer service. Jepara Goods Woodworking Studio Furniture Designer Indonesia

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