Custom Made Furniture

As a group of craftsman, we are capable to do custom made furniture for those of you who wants particular furniture pieces made according to photos you found elsewhere, sketches of your own design, or modifications to existing furniture to perfect fit your imaginations, share your desires and we make the dream come true. Apply customization to the size, finishing color, and any other features to meet your special requirements. We guarantee to protect your design and keep it exclusive.

The Benefits of Custom Made Furniture for You;

1. It’s unique furniture.
The design is yours, it’s one of a kind. There is no one out there using the same. We pay attention to detail and put a lot of efforts into your design. We select the best available solid wood to work on it. And we make sure the quality is better than wholesaler furniture in the shop.

2. Affordable price.
You saw very expensive furniture price and want to have it in an affordable price. We can custom made piece doesn’t has to be expensive, we can custom made wood furniture in affordable and reasonable price.

3. You want it to perfect fit your home.
We can custom made any existing wood furniture design with some modifications to the measurements to fit your home. However, there is limitation we work with teak, mahogany, and local Indonesian wood only.

4. Architect and designer furnishing project.
If you are currently looking for a furniture manufacturer to build furniture according to sketches or drawing, please say hi. We are nice, we invite you to contact us to discuss your designs plan.

Why us and How it Works;

1. We are experinced team.
The Jegoods Woodworking is a group of furniture designer, skilled craftsmen, and good finishers. We focused on traditional handmade Indonesian furniture. Any furniture pieces by the Jegoods Woodworking is made of best available solid wood with special attention to details.

2. Send us your idea with detailed design.
The initial stage of the manufacture of custom design is the most interesting stage of the custom made projects. It’s all about new customer or a satisfied existing customer, and a new furnishing idea. Please send us your ideas in photos, drawings, sketches, or anything that can help us to understand your ideas.

In order to ensure that you receive the best price possible, we will calculate and make a quotation. As soon as we receive the information from your design, we will review the details and get back to you within three working days.

3. Production process.
We create photos for every process that occurs to your furniture. Starting from cutting the wood into components, to assembling, and to color finishing.

4. Packaging and Shipping.
More detailed photos will be sent to you before the furnitures are packed. This is to ensure you can determine the condition and quality of furniture before we ship it.

We invite you to discuss your custom furniture designs. Please contact us and we will be glad to assist.