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the Jepara Goods Staff in 70’s

the Jepara Goods was founded by Mr. Sunaryo, a local carver from Jepara, Central Java Province, Indonesia. As a growing furniture home industry in 1970’s, produced mahogany antique carved furniture, sculpture and statues.

The collapse was occurred in the late 1990’s because of an economical crisis in Indonesia. Although the Jepara Goods was collapse and Mr.Sunaryo passed away, but his signature remains indelibly attached to the company that he created as a permanent guarantee of quality and integrity.

After years by years had passed without production process. Now in early 2012, slow but sure it’s continued by Ridwan Sunaryo as second generation, a young furniture designer and enthusiastic person with the objective of developing quality products continuously engaged in the production. In his hand, now the Jepara Goods styles are indoor carving, minimalist contemporary and retro furniture with production materials are primarily from teak wood and mahogany wood, but also enable to work with other local woods. dining carving table,mermaid dining carving table,carving table of mermaid,mahogany crafter jepara indonesia,classic carving dining table of mermaid,pengrajin ukir jepara klasik,produsen mebel antik klasik jepara,pengrajin mebel furnitur classic eropa jepara

We produce furniture with kiln dried proceed. All of our wood is dried to ensure it is stable when it is arrived in your place and all items are hand crafted by individual. We have a highly skilled workforce, and all production processes are done by experts in their fields, ranging from the selection of raw materials, production methods, drying and finishing processes all done with good standard. And the last one was before we did our packing back controlling and ensuring the quality of the product is really – really in good condition. Quality and customer service is our priority. We do this by providing fast and friendly answers to your questions and free quotations for custom orders.

All items are hand crafted by individual of the finest standard. If you have any custom furniture designs, please contact us with any specific pieces that you require and we will do our best to fulfill your need.

We look forward to the opportunities of establishing long-term business relationships for mutual benefits. Our customers are our shareholders and they are the ones we strive to make happy. When you are supporting our family owned business, you are supporting a dream. Thank you for supporting our small furniture business.

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