Country Windsor Chair

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Country Windsor Chair – A Mid Century Furniture Style 

Windsor chair is one of a historical chair styles that made in the 18th century. Built with a solid wooden seat into which the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned, or pushed into drilled holes, in contrast to standard chairs, where the back legs and the uprights of the back are continuous. The seat of Windsor chair is often carved into a shallow dish or saddle shape for comfort.

Product Description
Code Type Name Size Material Finishing
JG-RETC-022 Retro Chair Country Windsor Chair 47x55x105 Teak Natural Melamine

Windsor chair is an extremely strong and sturdy chair ideal for using in any kitchen or dining room even for commercial application such as cafe and restaurant projects. We produce and supply Windsor chairs at the finest quality and hope you love it as much as we do. Measurement and finishing color can be made upon request. Please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your need.  produsen mebel kursi windsor retro scandinavia jepara mebel cafe restoran ekspor