Elbow Retro Chair

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Introduce you our replica of Elbow Retro Chair that originally designed by Hans Wegner, and is also known as the Ch20 chair. The extremely strong and sturdy chair.  Made of solid teak Indonesia, Elbow Retro Chair offers style and practicality for any home. Elbow Retro Chair can bring a retro edge in your interiors. It’s very ideal retro touch for any space such as kitchen, dining room, cafe, restaurant, etc.

We produce and supply Elbow Retro Chair at the finest standard and carefully crafted to the specifications of the original design and hope you love it as much as we do! produsen mebel kursi retro scandinavia jepara ekspor

Product Description
Code Type Name Size Material Finishing
JG-RETC-019 Retro Chair Elbow Chair 48x43x77 Teak Nitrocellulose

Measurement and finishing color can be made upon request. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your need. produsen kursi cafe gaya retro vintage scandinavia teak manufacturer Kursi Cafe Gaya Retro Vintage Scandinavia elbow chair kursi retro cafe bistro model retro vintage kursi cafe retro scandinavia danish

We design, produce and supply high quality furniture at affordable price directly from our warehouse. We care about every detail and always use the best materials to supply the customer's furniture need at the finest standard.