Union Jack Chest of Drawers

Jepara antique mahogany union jack flag mebel bendera inggris shabby chic furniture

Union Jack Chest of Drawers

The Union Jack flag has an attractive motif that makes for a bold focal point, which is every reason to keep it understated. Incorporating the Union Jack flag into furniture is a clever way to make something awesome and keep the furniture looking magnificent. So, here we introduce you our production of Union Jack Chest of Drawers with gold accent, a beautiful creative colors finished by skilled Jepara crafter and well manufactured in creative painted finish.

Code Type Name Size Material Finishing
JG-UJCP-004 Chest Drawers Union Jack Chest of Drawers Gold Knob 150x50x87 Mahogany Painted

It can be changed or modified to meet your personal requirement, including size, shape or finishing colors. Please state how you would like it customized during the submission process and we will do our best to fulfill your need. Jepara antique mahogany union jack flag mebel bendera inggris shabby chic furniture Jepara antique mahogany painted furniture manufacturer mebel jepara antique union jack bendera inggris kelas ekspor

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