Cross Leg Dining Table

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Cross Leg Dining Table is inspired by farmhouse living style. A large and strong dining table furniture design made of solid teak wood Indonesia with best traditional construction method finished by our experienced wood craftsmen in Jepara – Central Java, Indonesia.

Product Description
Code Type Name Size Material Finishing
JG-DT-012 Dining Table Cross Leg Dining Table 200x90x75 Teak Fine Sanded

Measurement and finishing color can be made upon request. We also produced custom design according to your furniture design. Send us your design, and we will do our best to fulfill your need. meja makan jati dining table teak minimalist contemporary furniture Jepara teak retro minimalist dining table indonesia furniture craftsman cross leg dining table teak

We design, manufacture and supply quality furniture at affordable price directly from our warehouse. We care about every detail and always use the best materials to supply our customer's furniture need at finest standard.